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Advances in agricultural Implements in India.

Date Added: May 02, 2018 05:55:45 AM
Author: Garud
Category: Business & Economy
The introduction of intelligent agricultural implements and farming vehicles for agricultural operations has increased efficiency as well as reduced environmental impact. Currently, innovative farm implements technologies together with improved information and communication technologies provide the potential for such advancements.However, the full use of these farm implements requires the traditional agricultural machinery management process to be revised. As a result, traditional agricultural operations planning methods, especially the job-shop planning methodology, must be supplemented with new planning features, such as route planning and sequential task scheduling. The objectives of this review are to outline current and required advances in agricultural machinery like Rotary Tiller, Power Harrow, Reversible Plough, Rotary Disc Harrow etc. to prepare for future operations in agriculture. In the following sections, five key management tasks for agricultural machinery management have selected that span the various management phases and levels. These tasks are i) capacity planning (strategic level), task times planning (tactical level), scheduling(operational), route planning (operational level), and performance evaluation(evaluation level). For each of the management tasks, a definition is provided,and the most recent related literature is presented. Finally, the future requirements, which will facilitate and set the framework for the development effort necessary for fully implementing future agricultural management models and tools like Mulcher, subsoiler, terrace blade, Fertilizer cum seed broadcaster, Cultivator, power harrow etc. are used more efficiently by the farm owners to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.