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Computer virus infection and solution

Date Added: January 16, 2018 08:45:27 AM
Author: Owner
Category: Computers & Internet
What is a computer virus: A PC infection is a little program that spreads starting with one PC then onto the next and bothers with PC operation. A PC infection may degenerate or erase information on a PC, utilize an email program to spread the infection to different PCs, or even erase everything on the hard drive. PC infections are commonly spread by email attachments and messaging. Hence, you should never open an email or link unless you know who sent the message. Infections can be disguised as connections of entertaining pictures, welcoming cards, or sound and video records. PC infections likewise spread through downloads on the Internet. They can be covered up in freeware softwares or in different programs that you may download. How does a computer virus attack? The virus with which your computer is infected may be that it was transferred to your computer days ago but it was silent untill you ran the program or opened the file it was attached to. In order for a virus to infect your computer, you have to run the infected program, which in turn causes the virus code to be executed. If you have computers attached on LAN then it can infect other computer too. Virus infection may result into stealing of password, spy of your personal data, logging keystrokes, corrupting files, spamming your email contacts and much more. Symptoms of a computer virus: PC running slow or taking much time to open any program. Redirecting websites or not able to open any specific website. PC slow on startup or taking time while shutting down. Folders are created by itself. Any external drive connected to pc is showing empty. Emails are automatically sent from your mail box. Getting spam emails. Files on hard drive are being deleted by itself. Some easy steps to clean your infected computer: Reboot your computer in safe mode with networking. Delete all temp and junk files. You can use ccleaner to clean the unwanted files. Also clean the browsing history with the help of ccleaner. Download and install malwarebyes and run a quick snan. Download and install adwcleaner and run a scan. Open system configuration utility (Msconfig) and disable any suspicious entry. Finally reboot your computer.