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Hair Loss & Hair fall Causes, Symptoms and Surgical Process

Date Added: December 26, 2017 10:17:43 AM
Author: Abhi
Category: Health
psychologically. This can impact your daily activities with lowered confidence and high stress levels. Hair fall has become a universal problem to tackle, of late. Mild physiological thinning of hair usually begins at the age of 30 and continues. The causes for hair fall are many. The solution could be an easy fix, like getting more or less of a vitamin, or a more complex one, with predetermined genetic factors or aging. Other reasons for hair fall could be illness, emotional trauma, protein deprivation, hormonal changes, pregnancy, puberty and menopause. Whatever be the cause, Rootz Hair Clinic has solutions to offer. Here are a few causes for hair fall, that can be corrected or prevented: CAUSES FOR HAIR FALL Physical stress: Any kind of physical trauma, like a surgery, an accident, or a severe illness, can cause temporary hair loss that is referred to as telogen effluvium. However, as you recover, your hair will start will begin to grow back. Pregnancy: Pregnancy-related hair loss is often seen after the birth of the baby rather than during pregnancy. This is because giving birth to a child is quite stressful and a traumatic experience and that can trigger hormonal changes, causing hair loss. However this is a temporary phase and the hair can grow back soon after a few months post delivery Why Choose Rootz? Rootz Hair is known for specialized hair treatment alternatives for hair problems. We use the latest equipment and trusted techniques to provide advanced and long-lasting solutions. Patient satisfaction is considered most important for our hair transplant specialists, just as it is for our patients. 1) Advanced Hair Loss Solutions Some of the techniques used to restore hair growth are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) for effective hair replacement and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) to eliminate hair loss and associated problems. PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is another technique used in hair restoration for natural looking results. We also use minimally invasive techniques such as Laser Hair Therapy (to treat thinning hair issues and scalp problems) and Laser Hair Comb (to stimulate hair follicles for new hair growth) 2) Patient Satisfaction With advanced techniques such as FUE and FUT patient comfort is at its optimum while providing best results. Our hair transplant experts are qualified and skilled to perform these surgeries with best treatment outcomes that match our patients’ expectations. We are transparent and take the patient into confidence to explain the whole treatment process, so that our patients can take informed decisions. 3) Well Equipped Clinic Capable of treating even the adverse hair loss condition, hair transplantation can provide best results even for baldness. FUE and FUT treatments are advance techniques that require adequate facilities and equipment for achieving best results. Even the normal hair transplantation procedure requires various instruments – like implanters, needles, machineries, equipment and tools – which are available only in an advance hair clinic like Rootz, to achieve best results. 4) Expertise The expertise of our surgeons contribute significantly to the success of hair transplant procedures. Just advanced technologies will not suffice in achieving best results. At Rootz, we have experienced professionals who are trained to perform advanced hair transplant surgeries to provide best results. Our surgeons have a proven track record of successful treatment outcomes in hair transplantation procedures. We also offer FREE consultation to help our clients understand their hair problem better and receive the right solution, and to address it on time, to attain best results. Have any questions? Contact us at 040-65444475, 080-4370 7475, 9032 678 679.
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